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GE Lighting has teamed up with USG Corporation (NYSE: USG) to bring architects and designers a new monolithic, integrated ceiling and lighting system using cutting-edge products from two leading brands. USG's Logix™ Ceiling System and GE's Lumination™ LED Linear Recessed Luminaires are designed and tested together, making it simple to construct stylish new office, retail, hotel and restaurant ceiling lighting systems.

Lumination™ LED Linear Recessed Luminaires bring crisp, pleasing LED illumination to the Logix™ Integrated Ceiling System. By concentrating lighting in narrow bands running the length of the ceiling, Logix provides the freedom to create modern and sophisticated designs without the constraints of traditional acoustical ceilings. Download USG-GE Brochure

Discover how the USG & GE Partnership is developing integrated ceiling and lighting systems with lighting designers and architects in mind.

"This collaboration was about giving the architectural community what it wanted—an uninterrupted ceiling and lighting system in one package that makes designer projects much easier," says Jaime Irick, general manager for GE Lighting North America Professional Solutions. "When two innovation leaders like USG and GE come together as our teams have done, the results can start to reshape an industry."

GE's Lumination™ LED Linear Recessed Luminaires are available in four- and five-foot fixtures measuring four or six inches wide to fit Logix layouts. A product of GE ecomagination℠, they consume less electricity than traditional light sources and last years longer before needing replacement.

Check out this video about GE Lumination™ LED Linear Recessed Luminaires and how they are changing ceiling lighting design.

"The continuous look of Logix panels and Lumination LED lighting is ideal for environments where a clean, uncluttered ceiling is as much a fashionable as functional solution," says Chris Griffin, USG executive vice president, operations. "It has long been a problem to piece together a custom look without the custom price, but now specifying, estimating, ordering and constructing the ceiling your customer always wanted is simple."

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

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Thomas Cook

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