GE T5 Linear Fluorescent Lamps

GE's T5 Family of Lamps

Long, slim T5s represented a significant advance in fluorescent technology. GE offers a comprehensive range of high efficiency and high output T5 tubes.
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GE T5HO 47W UltraStart® Watt-Miser® System

The GE T5HO 47W UltraStart® Watt-Miser® System utilizes GE's best fluorescent technology to offer its most energy-efficient system – producing nearly the same light output of a 54W system.* These energy savings, combined with long life and hassle-free maintenance, make this lamp and ballast system the ideal solution for high-bay or commercial troffer applications.
*4,800 lumens vs. 5,000 lumens for standard 54W

GE Refit Solutions - LED Tubes

LED Tubes =
Longer Life, Less Energy

  • 66% longer rated lifetimes than LFLs
  • As much as 43–53% less energy required to operate than LFL
  • Instant full brightness, warm and cool color temperatures, numerous lumen options and higher CRI (80+)
  • Improved durability & hassle-free disposal with NSF-rated shatter-resistant tube options and no hazardous materials