GE covRguard Linear Fluorescent Lamps

GE covRguard® Fluorescent Lamps

GE covRguard® fluorescent lamps feature an FDA, USDA, and OSHA compliant, shatter-resistant product with outstanding light quality and superior energy efficiency. They also eliminate the inconvenience and added labor expense of unwieldy sleeves and caps. That's because GE covRguard® lamps arrive ready to install — there is no assembly required. The lamp can simply be placed into a fixture right from the box.

GE covRguard lamps offer maximum protection with minimum light loss making it an ideal product for applications in grocery stores and food-processing operations, hospitals and health-care facilities, restaurants and food-service operations, and in semiconductor facilities.

GE's T5 High Efficiency, T8, and T12 covRguard® lamps use a polycarbonate sleeve that is also effective in blocking UVA and UVB to 280nm and operates in environments up to 140F.

GE's line of T5 High Output covRguard® boasts an FEP sleeve that operates in high temperature environments of up to 300F and offers outstanding shatter resistance that helps contain glass fragments and phosphors if a lamp is broken, protecting your food, your customers, and your business' reputation.

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