The latest commercial LED lighting solutions by GE Lighting

LED - A Revolution in Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) were invented by GE scientists in the 1960s and are vastly different from traditional light sources. At GE, we have an outstanding track record in designing and building award winning commercial LED lighting solutions. Our world-class engineers combine the best available components with innovative optical, electrical and thermal designs to create LED commercial lamps and lighting systems that are optimized for superior performance. We are superbly positioned to continue as an industry-leading innovator for years to come.

GE LED Replacement Lamps

GE LED CFL Guest Suite Lighting Las Vegas Sands

GE LED Replacement Lamps bring energy savings to a variety of lighting applications. Our wide range of product offerings empower you to save through decreased energy and maintenance costs, combined with utility rebates, to deliver results that often exceed your expectations.

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GE Energy-Efficient LED High-Bay Lighting Fixtures

GE Albeo LED High Bay Lighting

With the acquisition of Albeo Technologies, GE accelerates its ability to offer a more complete and integrated LED solution. We can now satisfy demands for energy-efficient high bay lighting products.

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GE Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures

GE LED Cobrahead Fixture

With over 100 years of outdoor lighting experience, GE offers our award-winning family of Outdoor LED Lighting Systems. GE Evolve™ delivers bright, uniform light while significantly reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption.

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GE Infusion™ LED Modules

GE LED Lighting Infusion

GE Infusion™ is a game-changing technology and one of the most flexible LED lighting solutions on the market. As a designer, OEM or end-user, you can choose from an extensive selection of modules.

GE LED Refrigerated Display Lighting

GE LED Retail Lighting Immersion

Immerse products in bright, uniform light with GE LED Refrigerated Display Lighting. These GE LED systems improve the look of merchandise, reduce maintenance & operating costs and lower energy usage.

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GE LED Architectural Lighting

GE Architectural Lighting

Flexible, long-life LED solutions offer unlimited design possibilities. GE LED systems provide improved function & aesthetics, easier installation, less frequent maintenance and consistent performance in lighting designs.

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GE LED Sign Lighting Systems

GE LED Sign Lighting

Choose GE LED Sign Lighting systems for exceptional performance in channel letter, border lighting and box sign applications. Judged against the performance of standard neon or fluorescent lamps, GE LED Sign Lighting systems provide significant energy cost reductions, easier job-site installation, less frequent maintenance and more consistent brightness & uniformity.

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GE LED Traffic Lighting

GE LED Transportation Traffic Lighting

Through constant innovation and excellence in engineering and design, GE Lighting is bringing exciting new products to market that will change the way you think about traffic signal procurement, offering more choice, flexibility and adaptability than ever before.

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GE LED Rail Lighting

GE LED Transportation Rail Lighting

Rail customers around the world rely on our robust, long-life LED systems to drive substantial energy and maintenance savings day after day, year after year. Following Six Sigma design rigor, GE Lighting signals perform over time and meet the most stringent industry standards.

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