CMH Lamps from GE Lighting Europe

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Lamps

GE's market-leading CMH lighting products deliver superb color rendering as well as excellent performance with longest life.

GE CMH products offer the flexibility to meet challenging design requirements across applications that range from retail, industrial, and decorative to outdoor lighting and city beautification.

GE's CMH lamps offer advantages that make them ideal for uses that range from accent and spot lighting to flood and area lighting:

▪  Widest range of wattages from 20W to 400W
  Long life – up to 24,000 hours
  Highly controllable point source of light   Consistent color over life
  Wide range of formats for designers flexibility
  Color temperatures: 3000K and 4200K
  GU6.5, G8.5, G12, E27/E40 and Rx7s
  UV control
  MR16 and PAR reflectors
  Tubular and elliptical versions

  High efficacy – up to 111 lm/W

CMH lamps provide an extremely effective replacement for High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Quartz Metal Halide lamps.


Driving Retail Sales with Brilliant, True Color

GE Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps - Brilliant Color - Stilettos

GE ConstantColor™ Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lighting brings the world to life in glorious color. Our unique lamps are the lighting of choice across the retail sector – from general display to light- and color-critical applications such as jewelry and cosmetics. They show off merchandise in the best possible light. They offer:

  • Exceptional color rendition throughout the life of the lamp
  • Outstanding in-store experience

But that's not the only advantage of our Ultra and Standard CMH technology ranges: superior long life and lumen performance means reduced operating and replacement costs too.


CMH Ultra Lamps

GE's ConstantColor™ CMH Ultra 39W and 70W Lamps have been specifically created with retail environments in mind to help you save on maintenance. These new generation lamps provide an extra long life of up to 18,000 hours and over four times the efficiency of halogen lamps! This means significantly improved lumen maintenance and enhanced quality of light. The lamps are also robust in a hot environment.

CMH Ultra Lamps are the obvious choice for new store fixtures, but also perfect for existing retail environments using CMH fixtures with electronic or electromagnetic ballasts.


  • 35W and 70W 3,000K CMH lamps in G12 and G8.5 formats
  • Excellent CRI performance
  • Superior lumen maintenance with increased light output
  • 930 color gives a true representation of all colors in the spectrum and right ambience
  • Can be used in existing CMH 35W or 70W, G12 or G8.5 systems
  • 70W compatible with both electronic and electromagnetic ballast; 35W compatible with electronic ballasts as per the approved ballast list

High-Quality High- & Low-Bay Lighting

One of the critical challenges in industrial lighting is to provide clean, accurate and controllable lighting – high color rendition means safer working practices – while minimizing overall costs.  ConstantColor™ Ceramic Metal Halide lamps from GE deliver on all counts:

  • Lamp-to-lamp color uniformity
  • Excellent color over life for crisp illumination
  • High operating efficiencies
  • Elliptical lamps with protective shroud for open fixtures

HID_AppleBushels_624x366_cmh_low bay.jpg

ConstantColor® CMH® SPXX Lamps

GE HID Ceramic Metal Halide SPXX Lamps

Providing sparkling color with startling performance, ConstantColor® CMH® SPXX Lamps can lower your energy costs by up to $224* per fixture or enable you to reduce your fixture count. They offer excellent lumen maintenance, greater than 80%, and the same long life and lumen output you associate with CMH, making them a better alternative to PulseArc lamps.

With a color rendering index of up to 90, ConstantColor® CMH® SPXX Lamps are ideal for all applications, especially where color is important. Improved spectral distribution produces vibrant reds, blues, greens, and yellows, and they maintain constant color over time for uniform ceilings and stores.

ConstantColor® CMH® SPXX Lamp are rated for open fixtures and can be used in vertical base up or base down applications. They are now available in multiple energy saving wattages: 250, 320, 350, and 400.

* Using a 320W CMH system to replace a standard 400W metal halide system @ 10¢ kWh over the life of the lamp

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