GE Spiral CFL Lamps

You Can't Beat the Versatility of Spiral® CFLs

One of the most popular bulb shapes is the spiral. With its small size, it will fit the majority of applications currently using incandescent bulbs. Providing more light than the original CFL lamps, spiral lamps are one of the most eco-friendly energy-saving solutions available today.

LongLast™ CFL

We have extended our LongLast CFL offering beyond our extra-compact T2 CFL to include our T3 bulb size in output ranging from 10W to 20W.  These T3 lamps offer the same light quality and lumen output you would expect—and up to 15,00 hours of life.

T4 and T5 Spiral Lamps

To give you greater control of light output, we have introduced T3 and T4 3-way lamps as well as T3 dimming.

GE covRGuard® Spiral

Shatter-resistant GE covRguard lamps offer maximum protection with minimum light loss. This makes them an ideal product for applications in grocery stores and food-processing operations, hospitals and health-care facilities, restaurants and food-service operations, and in semiconductor facilities. With ratings of 8,000 hours, these Energy Star lamps last eight times longer than incandescents.

Next Generation Dimming Spiral®

GE's new and improved dimming CFL lamps bring compact fluorescents closer to the performance of incandescent and halogen products. Our lamps provide industry-leading dimming down to 5% of light output with Energy Star. They are available in 14W and 26W sizes in soft white Spiral® and GE Reveal® versions.

GE Reveal® CFL Bulbs

Introducing the latest addition to the GE Reveal family of bulbs. Now you can enjoy the clean, beautiful light of Reveal bulbs with all the benefits of a GE CFL. Reveal CFLs last up to eight times longer than incandescent bulbs and use 75% less energy. GE Reveal CFL bulbs offer great light quality that enhances colors and patterns.

Colored Spiral®

GE offers a variety of T3 Spiral® lamps in blue, green, orange, yellow, and red, as well as blacklight to add a festive note to celebrations.