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Uncompromising Quality. Unprecedented Flexibility.

By virtually any measure, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) from GE Lighting are the perfect solution for low-energy applications where space is at a premium and quality is a given.

Contractors and lighting designers working in virtually every setting have made the transition to GE Lighting's economical and versatile CFLs. With GE CFLs, you gain all the cost and energy savings of traditional fluorescents, plus the ability to use them in installations where incandescents had been the rule. They are even available in dimmable models.

GE Plug-in CFL Lamps

The Next Step in Non-Integrated CFLs

The current generation of CFLs produces better lumen maintenance over a wider ambient temperature range and more stable lumen output in all burn positions - all thanks to amalgam technology.
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