Current, powered by GE, harnesses the entire spectrum of GE's history and capabilities to tackle the future—and we need our channel partners more than ever.

Being in the lighting business, you've undoubtedly recognized the pace of change over the past several years as LED lighting has come to dominate the marketplace. While traditional lamps and fixtures haven't disappeared overnight, more and more customers are choosing LED, and the market is responding.

We're all in on LED. And we're all in on the capabilities of LED—far beyond a simple source of light with today's technology. With Current, we're putting the power of GE into everything the LED is capable of doing.

And it's why we're relaunching our engaging newsletter—because collaboration with our channel partners as we move into the future of digital lighting is more important than ever before.

Current, powered by GE

Current brings together some of GE's best strengths from across the organization to help our customers take advantage of lighting technology in new ways.

Here's how we're doing it:

  • Energy efficiency. This is where LEDs come in. Lighting upgrades are a low-hanging fruit when it comes to energy efficiency measures, and offer payback periods of 3-4 years(1).
  • Distributed energy. Current's distributed energy solutions—including on-site power generation and energy storage offerings—grant customers flexibility and reliability for their energy use. And with LED lighting, energy consumption is reduced, putting less burden on an electrical system. Users can draw power from those alternate sources for the most cost-effective energy use.
  • Data and analytics. LEDs offer more than just energy savings. When a customer installs LEDs, the incremental cost of adding sensors and controls to the lighting system is significantly lower than building that network at a later date. And GE's platform for the Industrial Internet, Predix, enables easy collection and integration of data and information from across any enterprise, helping to use energy more efficiently and effectively.

The Power of Our Channel Partners

In going to market, Current has approached this transformation with the guiding idea that close collaboration with our channel partners—those who help get our solutions into the hands of those who need them—is essential to our continued success.

"GE Lighting has historically been a great partner, and as they've evolved from offering lamps and ballasts to everything needed in the digital lighting landscape—sensors, fixtures, controls and more—they have involved us in that transformation," says Wes Smith, President of Mayer Electric Supply in Birmingham, Alabama. "As they've moved forward with their strategy, they didn't just drop it into our laps. It's been to develop it with our input."

Indeed, Kevin Heffernan, U.S. Sales Leader for Current, confirms: "Our message is straightforward—we can't do what we've set out to do alone. We're changing, and we need the same channel partners we've historically relied on to make these changes successful."

Strategic Benefits

Current has been aggressive in its message to lighting prospects: The cost of waiting to convert to LED is too high to ignore. And we've taken this message directly to our potential customers.

And when we win with our prospects, that benefits you. The strategic benefit to you is the ability to “bundle” energy solution offerings, along with the strong brand, to provide an end user with the ability to reduce their bottom line and have confidence in doing so.

Carrying the message of Current—and the cost of waiting to convert to LED—can be a powerful motivator for businesses as they decide upon new lighting specifications. There is great opportunity to drive specifications with the possibilities of digital lighting.

What it Means

With this newsletter, our hope is to open the conversation about how and why Current can grow with you. You'll hear about new solution offerings, training opportunities, service updates, events and how Current, powered by GE, is tackling the opportunities and challenges of the evolving energy and lighting markets. Current can help accelerate market expansion and growth with you.

We also want to hear from you. What do you find valuable? What are the strengths of our product and service offerings for your customers? You'll see polls, surveys and prompts that we'll use to tailor this newsletter each month with the most critical information you need.

We hope you'll value what you see. We truly value your input and we are excited to make this newsletter an excellent value added resource for you.