Spotlight e-Newsletter – Issue 12, September 2015

Organizational Announcement

Jeanette Strainic

Jeanette Strainic, Manager, Channel Integration — NA Professional Solutions

Jeanette Strainic has been named Manager, Channel Integration. In this role, Jeanette will be responsible for managing Industry Buying groups, Trade associations, Distribution and Agent engagement including driving measurements, communication, initiatives, events and supporting training surrounding the channel.


GE Lighting wins another Best of the Best Award

Best of the Best

GE Lighting recently won another ‘Best of the Best' award from tED, The Electrical Distributor magazine, for our recent 16th Annual Global Community Day. tED magazine, the official publication of the NAED, has honored 50 of the electrical industry's finest marketing programs in its 2015 Best of the Best Marketing Awards Competition. For more than four decades, tED magazine has recognized the electrical industry's top marketing initiatives with its Best of the Best Competition. This year's awards honored electrical distributors and suppliers for campaigns launched in 2014.

GE Lighting wanted to give back to the Euclid area YMCA, which needed many upgrades to continue serving community members of all ages, and GE felt it was a perfect opportunity to engage employees in a charitable effort. YMCA Branch Director Courtney Nicolai said, "Being selected for the GE Global Day of Caring has been the best thing that has ever happened to our facility. Not only did they give new life to the building, but they gave new life to our members and our staff.” She added, “The volunteers from GE were absolutely fantastic to work with. I have never witnessed worker bees quite like GE. They worked incredibly hard and truly took pride in their areas and made an amazing transformation!"

The tED awards were presented at a ceremony during the NAED 2015 AdVenture Marketing Conference on Monday, August 10. GE Lighting has continued to receive awards year after year in multiple categories for its excellence in marketing.


Fast Track Training Videos

Fast Track training

Fast Track training videos will help you get the latest product updates to market. These informative, 3-minute training videos provide the latest on new LED luminaires, bulbs, modules and systems, including: Product Details, Product Strategy, Product Advantages. We now have over 50 videos available, be sure to view the videos today and use them to review products with your teams and customers today!

Watch the videos


Small Change with Big Savings

LED replacement for 400W HID lamps

NEW! GE's LED replacement for 400W HID lamps are the easy way to leverage the low energy and long life of LED.

Simply screw the LED lamp into the existing fixture, no tools, wiring or costly upgrades required.

Accepting Pre-orders now and shipping late September.

Learn more and view the infographic


Have you replaced your fluorescent case lights?

Immersion RV60

GE's Refrigerated Display Lighting offers unique products to help you make the easy and rewarding switch from Fluorescents to LEDs in vertical case lights.

The RV60 can perform for up to 50,000 hours providing energy efficiency and ambient light to enhance the visual appearance of merchandise in vertical cases. RV60s use 13 to 22 percent less energy than previous generations of vertical display lighting.

Immersion RV60


Refit LED Door Kit Installation Video now available!

Refit LED Door Kit video

An installation video for the Refit LED Door Kit has just been released. The video contains product highlights and demonstrates a quick install for the luminaire.

Refit LED Door Kit video


Ultimate color quality with zero sacrifices

Compare reveal<sup>®</sup> TriGain™

reveal® TriGain™ technology combines the highest levels of color quality, efficiency and value together in one LED. The technology brings out the best in common objects such as artwork, skin tone, fabric and product.

reveal® TriGain™


A quick and easy way to learn about indoor products

reveal<sup>®</sup> TriGain™ logo

If you are looking for a quick rundown on product details, product strategy and product advantages, then you want to see the Fast Track Videos. The quick and memorable videos are available for most Lumination products with more coming soon!

Lumination Fast Track videos


Evolve™ LED Outdoor Fixture Brochure

Evolve™ LED Outdoor Fixture Brochure

Find out about the entire line of Evolve™ Outdoor Fixtures in the new Evolve™ LED Outdoor Fixture Brochure. It features application photos and information about all of our Roadway, Street, Area, Garage, Canopy and Flood Lights. OLP3077-Evolve LED Outdoor Brochure will be available as a digital edition as well as available in PDF format on Mimeo and Brand Builder. Look for it early September!

Digital edition

PDF version


Important Information

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