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LED Technology

Bogota, September 2014 – Recently, the Microsoft´s headquarters in Colombia chose the GE LED light to modernize the lighting in its office and comply with the energetic efficiency standards, adopted in their commercial buildings globally.

Microsoft main concern was to replace the old fluorescent tubes with a modern and energetically efficient technology, which could contribute to the improvement of the work environment. With this purpose, the GE team carried out a detailed study of the installations, in order to optimize the number of lights and to guarantee the adequate level of luminosity, including in spaces that were not included in the original scope of the project. 

“GE offered a complete solution for our needs: it presented last generation solutions, which we thought it were out of reach, at much lower cost than we expected, which allowed us to complete the project in much shorter period than we thought”, Carolina Huertas, Portfolio Manager de Microsoft Colombia.


Bogota, Colombia see on map


Date: 2014

The Lights and the New Project

After conducting an extensive energy audit – which allowed quantifying the amount and the types of existing lights – different options for replacement were analyzed. Thanks to their technological efficiency and excellent cost/benefit ratio, Microsoft decided to install the GE LED BT22 fixtures in the central spaces. 

“The LED BT lights of the Series Lumination™ is a product which provides high uniformity, excellent efficiency and reduced blinding in applications”, says Francy Camacho, GE Lighting Marketing Manager for Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

Another great advantage of these lights is their 50 thousand hours life span, that significantly reduced the maintenance cost compared to other technologies, Camacho pointed out.

On the other hand, in the meeting rooms and the Management office, Microsoft chose the LED EP14 lights with Intrinsx technology and a vanguard esthetic design, which matches the elegance of the space.

As Camacho commented, “the Intrinsx technology allows obtaining almost transparent lights and excellent uniformity. Its unique design incorporates a clear transition zone between the frame and the light emission, making impression that it is suspended in the air”

For Microsoft, the bet on a modern and ecologically friendly lighting system has translated in improvement for the work environment. “We betted on a vanguard technology and the results are impressive. The characteristics of Microsoft, the colors and the image are much better perceived now; without a doubt, it was the change we wanted”, Carolina Huertas, Portfolio Manager de Microsoft Colombia.

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