Mexican Center for Talent shines with GE LED

LED Office Lighting

Mexico City, March 2014 - The Mexican talent that works at GE's engineering center, GEIQ (GE Infrastructure Querétaro) has new reasons to shine after the installation of over 1,400 GE LED lamps, that give a new face to this engineering center, which for more than 15 years has become an outstanding generator of aviation and energy businesses in Mexico, and that is formed by a team of more than 1,600 engineers.


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Date: 2014

The Solution

GEIQ's lighting project consisted of updating the lighting framework in internal areas, with the installation of new LED BT22 Series lamps, especially designed for commercial and office spaces. The new lamps have a life of 50,000 operative hours and provide 10% more light, while reducing 30% the energy consumption. Likewise, they send out 94 lumens per watt – instead of 56 with the use of conventional technology, and they consume 35 watts.

Thanks to the adoption of this new lighting system, GEIQ will eliminate maintenance costs related to the recurring substitution of previous fluorescent lamps. In total, it is foreseen that savings in expenses regarding electricity power and maintenance will be of 40%, which equals over 380,000 dollars along the system's life.

"Our engineering center is one of the pillars that encourage innovation at GE. Thanks to the unceasing work of the 1,600 engineers that are part of it, GEIQ has become a technological driving force for development in Mexico. We wanted to improve the infrastructure that the venue has in order to obtain an increasing productivity, and what a better way to do this than the implementation of our technology right at home", said Vladimiro de la Mora, CEO of GEIQ.

With visibility improvements in internal areas, GEIQ seeks to create the best setting for the development of the most prominent minds of Mexican engineering, which are capable of carrying out world-class projects.

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