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GE Lighting has replaced 1,470 sets of halide lamps at Malaysia's MASkargo Advanced Cargo Centre with its Hi-Beam T5 High Bay system using GE's technologically advanced system, a solution tailored for industrial vertical. The new lights significantly raised the level of illumination while generating a 50% reduction in energy usage. GE's more energy-efficient solution, coupled with reduced maintenance, will result in savings totalling an estimated US$300,000 per year.


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Date: 2013

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Malaysia, February 2013 — GE Lighting has implemented their technologically-advanced T5 High Bay system at MASkargo Advance Cargo Centre, a leading cargo handling complex located in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia. Under this retrofit project, 1,470 sets of halide lamps at the cargo complex were replaced with Hi-Beam energy-efficient T5 High Bay system using GE's technologically advanced system. The system, which is ideal for the warehouse industrial vertical, has significantly improved the illumination within the complex. In addition, the reduced energy usage and maintenance will generate savings totalling an estimated US$300,000 per annum for its client.

MASkargo is the Malaysia-based air freight division of Malaysia Airlines. The MASkargo Advance Cargo Centre, built in 1998, spans across 108 acres and processes up to one million tonnes of cargo annually, equipped with state-of-the-art cargo handling facilities. The cargo complex was previously lit with 404 sets of 250W, 911 sets of 400W and 155 sets of 1000W metal halide lamps, generating an average lighting level of only 80 lux across the facility.

Mr. Ong Pang Wai, GE Project & Green Lighting Specialist, elaborated: "As a leading air freight company like MASkargo, operating 24 hours daily, it is vital that the lighting solution provides adequate illumination while being efficient in its energy usage. After discussions with our clients and a thorough study of the work area, the team specified their Hi-Beam T5 High Bay system for this key cargo complex, which is a lighting system that has been proven over time to be working well for a multitude of warehouse facility areas. At MASkargo Advance Cargo Centre, the new lights present a well-illuminated environment across the facility while halving the energy used. The Hi-Beam high bay on GE Lighting solutions are a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative for the businesses today."

GE's Energy-Efficient Solutions for Industrial Applications

At MASkargo Advance Cargo Centre, GE implemented the T5 High Bay system comprising:  Hi-Beam Lighting T5 HO high bay coupled with GE ELBS and GE T5HO 47W Watt-Miser. 

The new lights raised illumination level effectively to 200 lux and improved the uniformity of light within the complex. 

GE's T5 High Bay system is also a more hassle-free solution compared to traditional halide lamps as the gear and tubes enjoy a longer lifespan thus reducing the need for constant maintenance.

Positive Environmental Impact and Returns

On an operational level, the GE solution will enable its client MASkargo to embrace energy efficiency and enjoy improved annual savings amounting to an estimated US$300,000. Moreover, greater visibility and levelled-up illumination contributes to the security of the overall working environment. Looking from an environmental perspective, the energy savings is equivalent to eliminating approximately 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, or creating 3,380 acres of new trees.

Mr. Mohd Zulkefly Ujang, Senior Manager MHCS, MASkargo, commented: "Highly energy efficient products from Hi-Beam and GE Lighting met our expectations for energy savings and brighten up our work areas." 

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