Kiosko Reinvents Itself with GE LED Technology

LED Refrigerated Display Lighting

City of Mexico, June 2014 - A total of 220 branches of Kiosko corner stores in the west region of the country, were lighted with GE Lighting technology with the purpose to provide a higher competitiveness, efficiency and visual attraction to this convenience store chain.


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Date: 2014

The Solution

The main project consisted of a replacement of continuous strip lights with dimmer ballasts, installed on the sales floors and controlled by a light sensor: the number of lights per store was reduced from 84 to 27; the annual energy consumption per branch was reduced by more than 60 percent, going from 24,282 down to 9,460 kWh; and the investment return was generated in 1.6 years.

"Our priority is to offer the best technology, either in terms of quality or sustainability. The solutions we provide seek the improvement of our customers' productivity", stated GE Lighting Sales Manager José de Jesús Orozco.

On the other hand, fluorescent lamps were replaced by LED focus RV45 in 35 refrigerators, also known as ‘cold storage chambers'. The main benefits consisted in a reduction of the energy consumption by more than 85 percent in lighting a year per store, going from 9,776 down to 1,345 kWh, as well as an investment return generated in 1.72 years.

"Relying on GE Lighting as the name of our lighting project meant two things to us: technological efficiency and competitiveness. We have support from the company since the beginning of the installation, and we have obtained a significant saving in energy consumption and tangible improvement in our stores. In fact, our customers show to be very much satisfied when they visit our stores, which now are more attractive at any time of the day; in the case of our refrigerators, more freshness and better presentation of the products we expose were observed", commented Kiosko Maintenance Manager Juan Carlos Ávalos.

Results & Benefits

With the implementation of both projects, Kiosko will stop emitting 592 tons of carbon dioxide a year, it has significantly reduced the quantities of mercury it disposes, and the system maintenance costs are equal to zero. In the same way, the useful life of the lights may achieve up to 60,000 hours, contrasting the 10,000 hours occupied by the fluorescent lamps.

"What distinguishes Kiosko from the other convenience stores is that there are dimmer ballasts in all branches, which regulate the artificial light, and reduce the lights power in order to use the solar irradiation. In fact, since 2010, Kiosko was the first store of its kind to implement this system. As distributors, we were witnesses of this technological advance", explained Aether General Manager Raúl Rodríguez, Kiosko's distributor.

Press Contacts

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