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Industrial Lighting

When US Mat Systems relocated to a 450,000-square-foot facility in Leavenworth, Washington, a lighting transformation was necessary to ensure workers could efficiently do their jobs while simultaneously reducing energy costs. The installation of new LED lighting is expected to reduce energy use and maintenance costs by approximately $15,000 each year.


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Date: 2015

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Our Customer

US Mat Systems is committed to ensuring an optimal work environment with the help of improved lighting fixtures that replaced legacy lighting in its new headquarters at a former wood mill building. The installment of GE's Albeo™ LED high bay lighting emits a considerably greater lumen output, which has increased the quality of light where employees are often welding, woodcutting and using heavy machinery.

The Expectation

US Mat Systems turned to Urban Energy Group to assist with improving the lighting design and help save on electrical utility bills, all while enhancing the lighting quality. According to Urban Energy Group CEO David Summers, they knew instantly that new, energy-efficient lighting would reduce costs and vastly improve the look.

“We discovered that the lighting in the Leavenworth facility was clearly outdated and created a dungeon-like feel because of how dark it was inside.”

The Solution

A rugged fixture was required that would emit a greater lumen output than the current high intensity discharge (HID) lighting while withstanding the tough elements of the manufacturing process. The ideal fit was GE's Albeo LED high bay lighting fixture.

The 167 400-watt metal halide fixtures were replaced with 145 190-watt Albeo ABV1 LED luminaires, which increased the facility's foot-candle levels.

A majority of the lighting project, which was completed in less than four months in 2014, was paid for with utility rebates.

“The rebates really made the financials work on this project,” Summers said. “We were saving the utility so much energy that they were happy to be part of the project.”

Results & Benefits

The new LED lighting is expected to reduce energy use by nearly 640,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) each year. Projected annual savings through the reduction in energy use and maintenance needs is approximately $15,000. In addition, foot-candle levels increased from 10 fc to 30 fc.

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