Gregory Stores Adopt Eco-efficient Lighting

LED Retail Lighting

São Paulo, June 2014 – The lighting in six Gregory units, a chain for women clothes operating throughout Brazil, was recently reformulated by GE Lighting in order to combine economy and eco-efficiency with significant impact on sales conversion. The chain jointed LED technology for shop windows, sales hall and fitting rooms with metal vapor lamps, which have closer focus, aimed to highlight the exposed products.


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Date: 2014

The Expectation

The objective of the project is to reduce the number of maintenance operations and use advanced lamps with higher durability and lower heat emission. With the initiative, Gregory expects to achieve about 40% annual energy savings.

Results & Benefits

Alexandre Ferrari, GE Lighting general manager in Brazil, points out that retail has given more and more importance to luminous-technical projects. “The stores lighting shall be considered a sales tool in the commercial environments. Well-designed lighting solutions improve the presentation of the goods and help increasing the sales and saving energy. The results from our work to make lighting a fundamental component for the specialized commerce are more and more satisfactory”, the executive says.

"We are happy with the change to LEDs and in some stores; we have already seen significant reduction in the electric energy consumption. The solution presented and the project developed by GE Lighting succeeded to fulfill our requirements and remained according to the high visual standard of our units", Andrea Duca, Marketing director at Gregory affirmed. "In addition, we like very much the new temperature in the store, because the lamps do not heat and leave the internal climate more pleasant for the shopkeepers and the customers", she complements.

The Solution

The stores, which have already been provided with the new lighting, are located in Blumenau (SC), São Paulo (SP), Mogi das Cruzes (SP), and Sorocaba (SP). The objective of the choice of each equipment unit was to guarantee the best experience at the time of purchase. Before the adoption of the new technology, the light depreciation was faster and the maintenance cost was higher.

The project was designed to support the expansion of the Gregory chain in the following years, as the solution is adaptable to different store layouts, which are normally changed at every five-year period.

With useful life of 50 thousand hours, the LED technology can remain in operation for a total period of 11 years, if considering 12 hours daily use, which helps reducing the frequent maintenance and the expenses significantly.

The solutions highlighted in the project are:

  • ConstantColor CMH-T metal vapor lamps and an electronic reactor, which have low energy consumption and lighting exposure. There also have decorative design, which offers excellent control of the light beam with low brightness and excellent general light quality;
  • T5 LongLast lamps and an electronic reactor specifically developed for cases, where the lamps replacement is difficult and the maintenance costs are high. As their useful life is up to 26 thousand hours, the requirements for the lamps are lower, while they reduce the energy costs;
  • PAR30 LED lamps, perfect for indoor applications, which require different light intensity;
  • PAR38 LED lamps, aimed to indoor and outdoor applications, which require high light intensity;
  • BIAX D/E compact fluorescent lamps, which can offer up to 73% energy savings, when compared to the incandescent light lamps. Available in different powers and color temperatures.

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