GreatWest Kenworth

LED High Bay Lighting

GE's Albeo™ high bay LED lighting helps GreatWest Kenworth save energy, reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity in its Alberta facilities.


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Date: 2014

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Our Customer

GreatWest Kenworth Ltd. is a Kenworth dealership serving the province of Alberta and headquartered in Calgary. Serving the Alberta trucking industry for more than 40 years, GreatWest Kenworth is a leading service provider for trucking sales, repair and maintenance needs.

The Expectation

Earlier this year, one of Kenworth's senior executives attended the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention and Expo, and after viewing GE Lighting products and systems, was determined to reduce its energy costs and carbon footprint by using less wattage in its facilities. A decision was made to investigate the possibility of LED lighting as an upgrade for its aging Calgary facility.

“We still needed the same or more light than what was being produced by metal halide fixtures,” said Mike Allen, service director, GreatWest Kenworth. “The LED fixtures that GE showed us looked very promising.”

Our Solution

GE Lighting conducted a comprehensive lighting analysis, which revealed the opportunity to reduce energy and maintenance costs, as well as improve light output, with a lighting upgrade.

GreatWest Kenworth “test drove” six GE Albeo™ ABH2 LED Luminaires in the darkest part of its service shop and was impressed with the initial results. The fixtures can be matched with motion sensors, daylight harvesting and wireless controls for increased savings, which the uniform light output helps eliminate hot spots.

Due to the increased savings and productivity of the Albeo fixtures, GreatWest Kenworth made the decision to replace the remainder of the high bay lighting throughout the rest of its three service shops in Calgary. At the same time, Kenworth retrofitted its third warehouse with Albeo high bay LED fixtures that included motion sensors, further reducing associated lighting energy costs.

Kenworth also installed GE's Lumination™ BT Series Recessed Troffers throughout its offices, which fit perfectly into existing drop ceilings for easy retrofits that bring a fresh perspective to any space.

Results & Benefits

Compared to the previous metal halide system, the new LED fixtures only require 63 percent of the former wattage used, while maintenance costs have been reduced to zero. The company is anticipating annual energy savings of $18,000, and expects payback for the entire retrofit project will be less than five years.

After seeing the energy efficiency benefits of the new LEDs in its Calgary location, the company has also replaced its Red Deer shop and Grand Prairie shop location with LED lighting from GE. Additionally, GreatWest Kenworth is currently retrofitting all office locations with GE LEDs.

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