GE Building 328

Office Lighting

Nearly 4,900 sq. ft. of office space was remodeled in Building 328 at GE Lighting's East Cleveland Nela Park headquarters. The goal? Create a newly inspired, more energy-efficient, all-LED work environment.


Nela Park, East Cleveland, Ohio see on map


Date: 2014

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Our Solution

Twin-tube fluorescent fixtures were changed to GE's Lumination™ ET22 LED Luminaires, improving lighting energy efficiency by 78 percent. Light uniformity was maximized across the office by optimizing the spacing of the 2x2' LED luminaires. Thanks to the improved distribution of light, 45 fixtures were eliminated entirely (from 96 fluorescent to 51 LED).

Dimming controls and a daylight harvesting system were also added to capture even greater energy savings while maintenance, meanwhile, has been all but eliminated.

Results & Benefits

Now, Building 328 uses nearly 23,700 fewer kWh of electricity a year—a $2,600 savings based on 3,130 hours of operation and a $0.11 kWh rate. Enhanced vertical illuminance and wall uniformity also reduces eye strain for occupants, who note the area appears “more spacious” since the switch.

Rated for up to four times the life of the fluorescent fixtures they replaced, the LED luminaires are without customary lamps and ballasts that require routine change-out.

“Like many offices today, the space was overlit,” said Jason Brown, PE, CEM, Certified Lighting (CL) Professional at GE Lighting. “By following IES recommendations, we were able to light the area to 30 foot-candle to allow for proper human performance. It's a beautifully efficient light to live and work under.”

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