Exportec Toluca shines at GE Edison Awards 2014

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Mexico City, July 2014 - With the objective to recognize the excellence and the quality in the professional lighting design, the GE Edison Awards 2013 were held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Mexican project “Exportec Toluca” won the Award for Environmental Design.

The Award for Environmental Design grants a special recognition to those projects which minimize the use of energy, which maximize the use of the daylight, which control inconsistent contamination and which assure the durability and the capacity to maintain the system.

"We are very proud of receiving this recognition. Just with the implementation of these LED lights, we succeeded to reduce the use of energy by 50 percent, which represents a great benefit for the company", Miguel Ángel Laporta de Caso, director of Corporate Sustainability at HSBC Mexico, commented.


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Date: 2014

The Solution

The project for "Exportec", a bank and financial service company, is based on an open workshop plan, which includes "floating" modular patterns, with exposed steel structures over the spaces along the building perimeter. The lighting system consists in GE Lumination™ ET14 lights embedded in an acoustic ceiling, as well as illumination with GE Lumination™ BL44 lights, suspended in the areas with open structures.

Regarding the environmental quality, Exportec complies with the standards established by IESNA and ASHRAE of the international associations dedicated to implement the most demanding standards to control the energetic efficiency in buildings.

"It is an honor for us to be able to be a part of these outstanding projects. GE is always developing new technologies to be able to benefit our customers and knowing that we are supporting cost reduction and making their projects shine is the best recognition for the company” German Chávez, lighting designer at GE Lighting, pointed out.

About GE Edison Awards

GE Lighting sponsors the annual competition GE Edison Awards with the objective to recognize the excellence and the quality of professionals lighting designs, which use GE products, such as LED systems, LED lights and LED architectonic products, among others. The presented jobs are evaluated based on their functionality, their architectonic compatibility, the effective use of lighting in the application of artistic techniques, the energetic efficiency and the cost saving. 

Press Contacts

  • Bernardo Ramírez, Guerra Castellanos y Asociados (Communication and Public Relations Agency)
    Mobile Phone: +52 554577-0828
  • Mariana Gámez, Communication Manager, GE Lighting, Latin America
    Mobile Phone: +55 11 960 672 228

About GE Lighting

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About HSBC Group

HSBC Financial Group is one of the main financial and banking groups of Mexico, with 987 branch offiices, 6,045 atms and around 17,500 employees. For more information, visit our webpage www.hsbc.com.mx

HSBC Financial Group is a subsidiary corporation that is controlled in 99.99% by HSBC Latin America Holdkings (UK) Limited, which, at the same time, is a subsidiary totally controlled by HSBS Holdings plc, which has around 6,300 offices in 75 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and North of Africa. With assets that reach 2,758 billion US dollars by March 31, 2014, HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial organizations in the world.

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