GE Lighting Illuminates Club Playa Bonita

Outdoor LED Lighting

Summer holidays at the Playa Bonita Condo located 98 km south of Lima, is now an even more rewarding experience through the use of GE Lighting's LED Lamps. This change has improved warm light enhancing the beauty of their facilities, providing better visibility at night and saving energy with lower maintenance costs.

With this improvement, residents can enjoy the facilities at night, walking along the boardwalk, biking, practicing their favorite sports, playing in the playground, or walking along the shore. The excellent quality of light, highlights the colors of the beautiful architecture, the landscaping and provides a safe feeling. The improved color rendering index of GE LEDs enable better vision and allow security cameras to capture images with greater clarity to distinguish faces, cars, plates and other important details.

Date: 2013

The Solution

For the Playa Bonita project, we provided a solution to meet every lighting need for the space.

The GE Lighting project team conducted a lighting audit at the beach and detected the following problems:

Low light levels and poor uniformity
The maximum on the boardwalk was of 146 lx and the minimum 7LX
Corridors had an average 2lx
Parking lots had a maximum of 24lx and a minimum of 5lx (Because of this, the Zebra effect (light spots vs. Shadow) was very marked and therefore there was a poor uniformity.)

Misuse of lamps
Interior corridors had CFL 20W compact fluorescent lamps in decorative luminaires that, due to its optics, made light get trapped inside the luminaire, making it not very efficient.

CRI Color Rendering Index
The boardwalk had Sodium lamps (HPS) which are very efficient but their CRI is 20, therefore the modern architecture and landscape design of the condominium was not appreciated at night, the colors did not show their real tone and everything had a yellow hue.

Because of its low light level and low IRC, security cameras could not capture clearly if there was any danger in the common areas.

After conducting a study of light and taking into account the client's requirements, we decided to replace all luminaires one by one to improve each point identified. We chose to place 86W and 4100 K Twin Support Post Top luminaires in the boardwalk. The result was an average illuminance and uniformity of 20.68lx U min / avg, 0.48. Visually, it increased the amount of light because of the white light and uniformity and eliminated the zebra effect. It also increased the CRI to 65 highlighting the colors of the architecture and landscaping.

For hallways and recreational areas, we chose 49 and 86W LED Contemporary Post Top decorative luminaires improving lighting levels and replaced 70 watt sodium lamps and compact fluorescent. The level increased to 6lx in corridors and prevented light pollution into houses.

On the beach, we changed the traditional 400 watt Metallic Halide projectors located in the sand for 90 Watt Medium Flood LED lights, saving 80% energy and illuminating the sand evenly. Finally, in parking lots, ERS2 of 106W LED luminaires replaced 70W sodium lamps, providing great visibility and color reproduction.

In addition to producing a better quality of light, saving energy and reducing maintenance costs, GE Lighting LED luminaires are subjected to more stringent tests of quality and are manufactured with unique LSS technology that causes light to be directed to illuminate an area, providing excellent uniformity. They are prepared from cast aluminum and have a 65-ingress protection (IP) which makes them ideal for outdoor environments near the sea.

Results & Benefits

This technological leadership, as well as the professionalism of our team, the tradition in the generation of lighting solutions, and the continuous success stories both in Peru and globally in areas climatically similar to Peru, such as Rio and Cancun Quintana in Mexico or Las Vegas in the United States, guarantees GE is prepared to provide lighting solutions to different types of local needs, such as large hotels, beach condos, offices, parking lots, etc.

The use of LED lamps in Playa Bonita contributes to environmental protection. In areas like the beach, energy consumption has been reduced to 80%, reducing maintenance costs since the GE Lighting LED luminaires are guaranteed a lifetime of 50.000 hours, with use twelve hours per day, which means 12 years of continuous durability.